The Blokuhaka festival

Blokuhaka is back this year for the fifth edition : blokuhaka 2017blokuhaka 2016, blokuhaka 2015

In the heart of the country Pagan

Blokuhaka takes place in the heart of the country Pagan, in Kerlouan.You will enjoy the incredible diversity, the beauty of the coast of legends and its cultural heritage. Facing to the south, surrounded by a dune cordon, and sheltered behind an enormous rock (which a monster, according to the legend, would have ripped off to the coast and placed in the middle of the fields), Meneham was undoubtedly Inhabited several centuries before Christ. It is in this extraordinary place full of history that Blokuhaka takes place.

Festival Blokuhaka, 2017 edition

La quatriéme édition du festival blokuhaka. Plus de 200 passages topographiés. Au programme, escalade, challenges sportifs, slackline, yoga, stand-up paddle, land-art et concerts.

Official video

Blokuhaka Festival, 2016 edition

On the 8th and 9th of July, Blokuhaka alchemy performed at the village of Ménéham. A high-level performer, passionate practitioner, enlightened amateur or neophyte, everyone found passages to his measure. We would like to say a big thank you.

  • 500 climbers
    and 2000 euros of prize money
  • 1000 liters of beer
    and many meals
  • 8 concert
    and a crazy atmosphere

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Blokuhaka Festival, 2015 edition

On July 3rd and 4th, many of you responded to BLOKUHAKA's call. Sun, climbing, concerts, yoga, paddle and slackline.

  • 300 climbers
    and hundreds of blocks
  • 500 liters of beer
    and many meals
  • 4 concerts
    and a good atmosphere

Official video